All lyrics are translated. Original language is Russian.

The Wolf's Revenge
CD: The Son of the Earth
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

CD: The Son of the Earth
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

The Son of the Earth
CD: The Son of the Earth
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

The Land of the dead Warriors
CD: The Son of the Earth
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

Power ("Power" Helloween cover)
CD: Russian tribute to Helloween
Lyrics: Valentin Legenda / Music: Helloween

CD: Humans and Gods
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

Blaze, my fire!
Merge with me, join to my soul!
My flesh is just nasty, but my soul is immortal,
I will set her free out of the slavery!
I will commit to flame my mortal body,
When it burns in fire
I’m giving to the skies my eternal soul!

Alike the Phoenix I will born again from the ashes!
Cold and pain, fear and love
Don’t rule over me!
I will become the unbodied spirit
When I enter burning river
And wash all the dirt of my soul.
Where is that shore
Where is only the rustle of angels’ wings,
The world that I want to find?

I’m wanderer, the lonely spirit!
Let heaven find me!
Around whole the world
There is no place for me,
Hermit, pray for my soul!

In my wanderings among the darkness and fire
I have found my way to heaven.
But I haven’t found any force and power
Not to fall to sinful earth…
My flesh is burning in fire,
This is the end…I’m dying!
My wandering way is ended here!
On the land I will turn to ashes,
In heaven – to the cold wind,
But there is no place for me in eternal skies.


Mysterious Forest
CD: Humans and Gods
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

Father, forgive me, I can’t live here.
I’m leaving for the valley of my Fate.
But I’ll be back! With the victory! I swear on Gods!

My keeper, bless me
To the last fight and stay with me…
But there is forest rustling behind me saying the last goodbuy…

I’m leaving my home,
Forest fires and swift streams…

Mysterious Forest!
Give me Power of Heaven!
Give me!
Power of Heaven!

There’s a call
Coming through the darkness of centuries,
Not the wisdom of ancestors, but the anger of night wolves.
The blood will spark like wine again!
I’m the warrior! The struggle is prepared for me!

In the battle against the evil, defending the Forest,
I killed, destroyed by the will of Heaven,
But holy blade was spotted with blood
And I incurred the curse!

Damned sword can’t hold back foes!
Father, go away!
Enemy is coming into our house!
My Father is silent, he sleeps inside the damp ground,
The forest is profaned by me and it burns in fire!

Retribution and Remorse
CD: Humans and Gods
Lyrics: Olga Avdeeva / Music: Olga Avdeeva, Nikita Rubchenko

Lord, I have come to punish you...
For your greed and anger you will turn into Necromancer,
And when coming into the darkness of the forest you will arouse warriors that have being ruined by you!
And with the last one resurrected you will acquire my Forgiveness…

I have thrown down the black crown from my head,
And my warder has become the staff,
And sable robe on my shoulders has turned into dust.

Kingdom – into the wind,
Gold – into the ashes,
Palace – into the hut.
The garden has turned into the forest,
Viands – into the worms,
And the wine – into the blood!

Take curse off me, Father,
Give me back my soul from abandoned chambers,
By reborning demons from my blood
I will come back from the Darkness!

Kingdom – into kingdom,
Gold – into gold,
Castle is in the skies!
Servants, pages,
Army, guard –
All are in old place!

The press of power weighs on shoulders with the cross of Christ,
And the crown stings the brow with crucifixion thorn,
I am the Lord of deadmen, – here, but not in the forests
My kingdom is the dust!

Kingdom – into the wind,
Gold – into the ashes,
Palace – into the hut.
The garden has turned into the forest,
Viands – into the worms,
And the wine – into the blood!

Humans and Gods
CD: Humans and Gods
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

Humans and Gods is the eternity and mind,
Exclusive circle of the Earth and the Heaven…
Oh, how I am tired to beg!
Who will tell me why I am here!
Who will show me the path
Which leads me from the darkness to the light,
And whom should I believe?
And what for this all…

Gods laugh at us!
Heavens are hollow, there is only flame!
Humans live like it’s dog eat dog,
But the wolves in traps have nowhere to run…

Our ways have parted!
I don’t believe to liars – to priests,
Humans and Gods.
This way I will pass myself!
This way I will pass myself!

Humans and Gods is the anger and insolence!
The firsts are waiting for the miracle, the lasts are sleeping…
Wars and hate – is this visible from heaven?
We commit a sin cause we will be forgiven anyway.
We build temples of the blood with approval of the Lords,
But when comes the end
We won’t hear it.

Gods laugh at us!
Heavens are hollow, there is only flame!
Humans live like it’s dog eat dog,
Being resigned to vile passion…


Mystery of the Underground Castles
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

I see the light from the dungeon deep
I'm melting into the night
On a path to take me out
To the secrets in my soul
The philosophy of stones and symbols of the night
I comprehend, holding my breath
I'm not a prisoner, I'm - a guest
The ghosts are my prophets
In the kingdom of stone and fire

The mystery of the underground castles
Revealed to me among the stones
The illumination blinded me
Like immortality in the shadow land

I'm not afraid of the death anymore
This fear is nothing to me !
Today I found the treasure
In the castle of stone and fire
Here's no wind, blowing into the abyss
No vain human struggles
Only my sorrow for the endless sky and lakes
And my endless yearning !


Wizard's Retribution
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics: Olga Avdeeva / Music: Alexey Osichenko

The old castle awakes in the night
Lightnings flash over it
Go to it! You are welcomed there
All secrets waiting to be told

The heavy gates gape, like jaws
Daring me to enter, or be lost

The ruined castle is inviting me under it’s roof
Fire wielders and wind masters
All wizards, calling from forbidden realm
No more truth! All hail Holy War!

We call to the spirit of fire!
Deliver us your heavenly arrows
To win the Holy War!

We stand up, our heads held high
With sparkling swords and spears in our hands
Eight wizards will gather around the crystal ball
And sign a pact in blood

And the castle will fall, just to rise again
The sacred ground we will defend!


And the castle will fall, just to rise again
We are the children of the lightning, we will prevail!


Freedom's Call
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics: Roman Lukiyanchuk / Music: Olga Avdeeva

Money, titles, land, and power
Plague to the poor
Keep the truth and scrub the rest
But money-hunger is clogging their heads
The land suffers under lasher's bloody laws
Their souls are pitch-black
The life in chains and slavery, is leading to riot and war

The final hour is near, you can’t stop us
Break the chains of slavery! Well not accept this fate!
Blood covers our path on our quest for Freedom!
The joy of sunny days, the happiness of our children
Peace and security in our homes
Bright faith in our hearts

The news has spread, the masses have rebelled
No more suffering and groans
The angels will sing their songs
We are gathering forces from all over
With blazing vengeance in our eyes
Suffer and pain leaving traces
All we have left is a prayer


Almighty Lord!!! Give us strength to win
To preserve law and justice and make good deeds
Give us strength to resist temptation
To bear your truth, to judge everyone by your word
And your word for everyone!

The alarm's echo means war, a feast for Death
The Crow’s screech predicts misfortune
The fear is rising, but the truth is one
We will die triple in the fight
Then keep lashers breathing in out necks
After all, a prayer for your soul
With stashed throat cannot be said
The land suffers under lashers’ bloody laws
Their souls are pitch-black
The life in chains and slavery, is leading to riot and war


The Rainbow Queen
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

The rainbow alter the rain is so beautiful and shiny
I remember, many years ago, engulfed in morning light
I was standing in daybreak, smiling at the wind
Facing the fall of eternity...

Rainbow Queen! Give me back my youth!
And go away!
I'm kneeling in front of you,
But all I hear is the night...

I lost my youth in the heavens,
But where to look for it?
From the heavens back to me it returns only in my dreams
Smiling at me, leaving a bright trace
In the fall of eternity.


A clear patch through clouds in sky
Prolongs the life of Rainbow's light
And its immortality is nourished by our lifetime
But even the brightest light will fade, In the fall of eternity.


CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

Chariots and carriages, painted walls, wonders upon wonders,
Golden columns - All buried underground A dark truth hidden beneath.
The gold and ashes crowned by the darkness,
Thy Lord, hiding among the ashes!
You cant escape the light above!

I wl fly to the Dead City on my steed of lightning,
Voices from the pit, deafen me with mournful choir:
«Glorify yourself, Necropolis! Glorify yourself!»

Tme will tell, that there's only one true lord,
He is the Master of the dreams of the Eternal Darkness,
The dreams that you wont sea
Death wi spare nor slaves, nor kings,
Death comes for everyone, your gob is useless at the end,
Ashes wi go to ashes, and dust to dust...


The Storm Master
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

Your kngdom rises to the heaven -
Skies and land areal yours!
And what more could you desire for -
More lands or money?
- I" want to chalenge the Lord of the Heaven
And become the Master of The Storm!”

Gloorny castles of clouds in the heavenly land?
- "I want to fly there on a white steed!”
With my Sghtoing sword in hand,
And my faithful thunder hounds at my heels!

To be the Master of The Storm,
To be free, merciless!
In the world of the eternal beauty you wont be alone.
Fly to the end of the world,
And challenge the gods...

You did it the way you wanted it
Marched on the field, raised your head,
And cast a challenge to the Wind Master,
Seeing his eyes, you said: «The Sky is mine,
I conquered the Storm!»


The master of the winds heard your call,
And gathered his troops into hurricane.
- "tome on, let’s fight! Show me your vim,
And If I fall from mortal hand,
You win!»


Only the eagles and the wind will know
Whether the mortal king conquered the sky,
Or was slain by a lightning, or ascended up high
Into the kingdom of storm clouds...
Do you hear the laughter in the dead of the night,
Or is it just a jackal's howl,
Luring you to your peril,
Into the Thunder Storm.


The Land of Dead Warriors
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

The fiery emptiness behind the storm clouds
Lures me into the distance
The last sun ray above the darkening river,
Forests and meadows, the first star on the sky
Wi show me the way home -
I'm lost in no man's land...

The land of dead warriors
Entrances me with its beauty,
But only the crows know
What hides beyond the border...

I see a field of battle
And myself - lying in terminal haze,
My life flases through my eyes, as in a dream
But where am I now?
Only the crows and the blood.
All my life seems cheap and fake.

An Angel of Death will approach me
And wi touch my eyes with its hand,
And it wi tell me: «Hurry up and come with me!
I wi show you a wonderful world, a world to be your home»


I still search for that bridge to cross
The river to the other side
But I see only the gleams and reflections -
There’s no return to the wonderful world.
And I remain in the no man’s land...


The Heir to the Black Throne
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Olga Avdeeva

The czar of Eight Ages was mighty and strong,
The light among the storm clouds was his throne.
Deep moat protecting his castle,
With hundred hellhounds in front.

Eight wizards served him,
Eight lives they bestowed upon him...

On a winged steed, a harbinger of misfortune
A terrible rider is flying right to the sun.

No peace aloft anymore!
The heavens are burning in flames!
A fiery crystal gave birth to the abyss
Devouring the blinking’s sun light,
My lord father from the height of the stars
Has fallen, like ashes on a bed of roses

And then you took his throne
And usurped it!

I will fly on wings of fury!
And I will repay, blood for blood!
Among the fires of the eight worlds
The darkness shall absorb the evil blood!

Come out! I am not afraid of the hellhounds!
Your moat can’t stop me! - It is too shallow for met
You are nothing - your time has come,
The Death is upon you!

The blood slowly pours in the fiery garden,
Through the valley of Fate I come upon you!

The sun will vanish from the sky,
The realm of darkness will rejoice,

Merciful and divine
You will take your throne...

The Last Battle
CD: The Storm Master
Lyrics & music: Alexey Osichenko

Again I see these ruins -
The stones and dust of a dead valley.
It was all long ago,
No land, but black abyss.

The demons of the night, the knights of the light
I caught a glimpse of their silhouettes.
It's the battle for the right to reign forever,
Only if the time wasn’t so intermittent...

Cold hearts with no mercy,
A sword sparkling in mighty hands,
Again and again the regiments clash -
Saturating the shores with blood.

Bum in the night, the flame of fires,
Raising to the heavens.
Let your bright flame
Serve as a good sign for us!
A thunder will roar with a mighty peal
And the wind will howl like a wolf,
And the power will shake the earth -
The blood will pierce the dawn like a spite.

Angels of Death soar up high,
Concealing the stars with darkness.
The clash of blades echoing around,
The ringing of steel mufflling the heart beats.


The fiery wind broke through the darkness,
Turning everything to the ashes and ruins,
Sunlight against the eye of the darkness
Will conquer the night at the and of the world.

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