Happy New Year! Added 20.12.2016
Dear friends! We wish you the ocean of positive emotions and only a perfect mood in the comming 2017 year! Forever yours, Ekistencia band.


Added 1.10.2016
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday again Added 7.08.2016
Happy birthday OlgaToday we are celebrating Birthday of our charming Olga :-)))
Our dearie, we wish you endless creative burst, be allways in a perfect mood,
bloom like spring burgeon, less worries, more positive :-))) We kiss you!

Some of amateur video Added 4.08.2016

We are eager to share couple of amateur video from Bike Rock Fest 2016 in Staryi Oskol.

Turn of our guitarist Added 17.07.2016
Happy birthdayWe have a fete today! Our Kostya celebrates his Birthday today!
Congratulations from heart, we wish him family well-being, eternal amount of creative ideas
and to go only forward for conquering any peaks!

Happy Holiday, our dear ladies!!! Added 8.03.2016
Holiday of 8 March!Dear women! All men-members of band "Ekzistentcia" congratulate you with great Spring Holiday of 8 March!
Wish you always to bloom like spring tulips!!! You are our "ALL"!!!
P.S.: Sweet Olga! Get well soon! Happy Holiday, our pearl!

Congratulations to our frontman! Added 4.02.2016
Happy birthdayToday our lead vocalist Sergey Brykov celebrates his Birthday. He is an excellent frontman, talented musician and true friend.
This wonderful guy started a new has imbued a new life in our team. We wish him strong health, prosperity and well-being.

Video into mass, the second is out. Added 27.01.2016
November, 13th (Friday). In spite of inconceivable obstacles and countless misfortunes we had to face, nevertheless grandiose concert on the occasion of 5 years of the official Kharkov fan club of the legendary band Kipelov went through! And the result has proved its value! We are thankful to everyone for helping and organization, to every one of you, our dear listeners, spectators and fans of our creativity. For hearty welcome, hot atmosphere and faith in our work. We have been doing our best and still we do it for you!

Happy birthday! Added 26.01.2016
Happy birthdayToday our drummer Alexey Prasolov celebrates his Birthday. He is to blame for existence of the project “Existence”. This guy is the life of the party, the source of vulgar jokes and peculiar pranks, and also he is “keeper” of our band’s conception. =) We wish him strong health, great achievements and reliable mates!

Video into mass, greet the first one. Added 19.01.2016
Our friends, here you are the very first (but far not the last one) video from ou November concert! Enormous amount of efforts, nerves and diligence was in this show – but the result fully proved its value. We are really thankful for your support and we promise to gladden you in future with much more bright and memorable show! See you soon!

Happy New Year! Added 1.01.2016
Happy New Year 2016!Friends! The band Existence congratulates EVERY ONE OF YOU with the coming New Year! We wish you an excellent health, great happiness, mutual love and a lot of money! =) Let the miseries walk away and all your wishes come true (except those which can do you harm)! Once again, happy holiday, friends! Happy New 2016 year!

EP Humans and Gods is on sale Added 16.05.2015
CD Humans and GodsThus, EP Humans and Gods has moved from Internet space to CDs. First of all congratulations to us and to all those who wanted to have this edition in own collection.
The disk is made in Russia, under the SoundAge edition.
CD with musicians' autographs can be ordered by email management@ekzistencia.com.
The disk can be ordered on the website of publishing company in Russia and other countries.

Ekzistencia for Android Added 15.03.2015
Ekzistencia for AndroidThe brand new official Ekzistencia Mobile App is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Ekzistencia on your mobile device with our free Mobile App.

Humans and Gods will be released on CD Added 08.03.2015

We are proud to announce signing with main russian metal label SoundAge (Arkona, Pagan Reign, Alnonost, Arida Vortex etc).
eng.soundage.org Info about worlwide pre-orders soon.

Support the Band Added 21.01.2015
If you enjoy the music by Eksistencia band and if you'd like to promote further releases to take place as soon and as qualified as possible, you may render financial support to the project by one of the following means:


+3 8066 3660099

Yandex Money:


All funds will be used strictly to develop the project. We have lots of creative ideas and surprises for our fans and nowadays we are working actively at one of them.

Ekzistencia at full strength Added 15.12.2014
Ekzistencia at full strengthDear friends! We are glad to inform you that the issue with the band's personnel is finally solved.
We want to introduce to you the new member of our band, young and promising bassist and like-minded person Rodion Kayafuk! Welcome aboard our ship named Ekzistencia. Share with us calm and storm. We hope our collaboration will be long and productive!

The long-awaited release of EP !!! Added 14.05.2014
Humans and GodsWelcome all!
Finally it happened! The hard way to record our EP has been passed, and here it is, the long-awaited - «Humans and Gods».
To begin with we want to express our sincere gratitude to those who helped us in implementing our ideas and thanks to whom our EP saw the light: Nikita Rubchenko, Maxim Nevmerzhitskiy, Igor Voytus , Dmitry Logvinov, Vladislav Annenkov, Alexander Zakharov.
Separately we want to dedicate a song Humans and Gods to those who remember and keep Light in their hearts, and those who were overcome by Darkness - think again...
Recording this EP, we did not know that it would become momentous event in some way, and that it wouldl be released in an Era of change. But we all are led by the wise Fate. So let it lead us all to Light and Wisdom!

One more musician in our band Added 21.05.2012
Sergey BrikovDear friends! We happily announce the arrival of a new vocalist in our group. It is Sergey Brykov, musician in Caprice Kharkiv band.
Finally, the vocals recording for the upcoming EP has been finished. Soon you will be able to listen to new voices of Ekzistencia in a live show…

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